Life along the border

Distant relations

Lines that divide, but also join; Borders, some times fiscal marks, many imaginary.  Boundaries that separate but bring together as well, whether fiscal or emotional they are shared territories. The way people interact, and build their lives along them seams as if they ware able to erase them and walls taken down. The USA-Mexico border carries all along it stories of death, survival, success, failure, separation, reunion, and the everydayness of life.

Happily ever after

On November 18th, 2017, a three-minute wedding was held at the Tijuana San Diego border. Groom on one side, bride on the other. This couple will have to live in separate sides of the border for the time being. The border patrol opened the wall for families to reunite, a group called Angeles (Angels), together with migratory authorities, organizes an act where they open this doors in turns of three minutes so families can meat. This event has been held for six years now, two under the Trump administration.

On this day eleven families had the opportunity to be reunited, to have a brief embrace holding on to the hope that they shall meet again soon. Places I can only recall from memories, but are rich in lines. I refer to places, which can only be vaguely evoked. An image made of overlapped recollections that have become a single but not les complex memory.

Life along the border (across)

Life along the border (family)

Life along the border (in between)

Life along the border (San Diego -Tijunana weding)

Life along the border (weding)

Life along the borther (encounters)