Memory of a day

Memory of a day
Memories of a day II
Constructed pendant, Iron, Textile, Polyester thread, Waxed cotton cord. 5 x 3 x 1cm . 2016
Memories of a day IV
Necklace made of Iron, Textile, Polyester thread
33 x 3.8 x .3 cm, 2016
Memories of a day V
Constructed Necklace, Iron, Textile, Polyester Thread, 28 x 17.7 x .3cm, 2017
Memories of a day VI.
Brooch constructed, Iron, Textile, Polyester thread.
Copper, stainless steel (mechanism), 11x 11x .5 cm 2017
Memories of a day VII.
Brooch constructed, Iron, Textile, felted Merino wool,
Yarn, Polyester, Copper, stainless steel (mechanism) 7x7x .3, 2017

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